Monday, 31 December 2012

Top 5 Most Used Winter Items

The UK weather is so unpredictable in recent times, I feel like we've experience all four seasons in one season alone! Anyways, here is my Top 5 most used winter items:

1. Slippers
These Minnie Mouse novelty slippers are so much fun! Not to mention it literally feels like I'm walking on cushions - heaven! You can find these slippers here.

2. Knitted Snood 
This definitely has to be my most used clothing accessory of not only 2012 winter but 2011 winter too. I love how it completes my outfit at the same time keeping me warm! I got this from Primark (£4, if I remember correctly!). I wear it on average once a week and it's been in the wash many times and the quality remains the same - bargain!!

3. Coat
(Also shown in the picture above). Now this is the most obvious item in the list! I purchased this coat last winter, and yet again it is another item I'm making very good use of. I love the fitting, the colour and the button and belt design. I'm always receiving compliments on it, quite a few surprised faces when I say it's from New Look...never underestimate New Look!

4. Kintted Shawl Wrap
I am in LOVE with this wrap! The softness, the length, the colour - it's perfect! Ok so it may not keep you very warm in extremely cold weather conditions, but it is PERFECT for when you're only outdoors for a short amount of time, or when you're indoors and you need to wear that little extra clothing item to keep you warm. I wrap it around me for when I'm heading to parties/weddings, it looks so classy or even when I'm just visiting family who live a few minutes away. You can find it here from Marks and Spencers, £19.50 which is great value in my opinion. Considering getting the black one too hmm...

5. Nail Polish
So this isn't a really winter specific item, but it's something I've been using a lot during this season. I'm usually a bright, in-your-face kind of nail polish girl however this winter I'm loving the more dark, dusky, and deep nail polish colours. Currently, I am loving the combination of this grey and lilac paint. I can't help looking at my nails constantly and thinking to myself why I hadn't got these colours sooner?!

And that's my top 5! Oh, one item I would like to add to this top five winter items is a new, resilient umbrella, after the devastating consequences the great British weather had on my last umbrella...

Happy New Year everyone :D!

S. x

Friday, 28 December 2012


After much contemplation, I have finally decided to start my blog.

This is a kinda awkward introductory post, but I go by the name of S :). Twenty-something student, with an obsession with all things bright and beautiful. This blog will be filled with beauty, fashion, health care related posts. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions and I'll do my best to reply as soon as :).

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy reading my posts and I look forward to reading yours too!